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Suzannah Evans

  • Northern Writers' Award for Poetry, 2021
  • The Andrew Waterhouse Award, 2013
Suzannah Evans

Suzannah Evans lives in Sheffield. Her pamphlet Confusion Species was a winner in the 2012 Poetry Business Book and Pamphlet Competition and her debut collection Near Future was published by Nine Arches Press in 2018. She was the winner of a Gladstone’s Library residency in October 2019 for Near Future. She has published poems in magazines including The Rialto, Poetry Review, Magma, Butchers’ Dog and Poetry Wales and her poem ‘Helpline’ was Poem of the Week on The Guardian.

She is currently working on her second collection, Space Baby, which wants to ask difficult questions about the Earth and its humans and their future; how do we look to the future on a planet that’s burning? How do we come to terms with our grief? If we destroy what we have, where will we go?

Twitter: @Suzannahevans

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