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Stephanie Gavan

  • Northern Debut Award for Fiction and Narrative Non-Fiction, 2022
Stephanie Gavan

Stephanie Gavan is a writer from Liverpool with a background in contemporary art. She writes about visual culture, cities, social movements, magic, desire, class and much more. She’s had many past lives: as a dirty wayward girl, a crybaby painter, as co-editor of feminist zine Queen of the Track, and a school teacher in Italy. Her work has been featured in Dazed, The Quietus, CIRCA, Corridor8, The Double Negative and Montez Press Radio, among others. She’s recently completed her MA in Writing at the Royal College of Art and is currently working on a collection of essays that deep dive into the symbolic economy of her most unruly home city.


ā€˜Iā€™m thrilled to receive this award. The mentoring, bursary and community it will provide has come at a critical stage in my writing career; much needed resources to complete my first long form work and offer a solid foundation from which to approach larger, more ambitious works in the future.ā€™

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