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Sawyer Brook

  • Young Northern Writers' Award (Winner, 15-18), 2022
Sawyer Brook

Sawyer Brook is a poet based in Bradford who explores every corner of the self and identity in their work. Mainly focusing on free verse poetry, Sawyer specialises in turning small things into big pieces, often finding inspiration in tiny details of everyday life and turning these into emotive and moving works. Sawyer worked as part of Bradford Young Writers group for six years, writing poetry as well as a full-length novel while part of the group, and will have poems published in their upcoming anthology. They hope to go on to study Creative Writing and Drama and pursue a career in the arts.


‘After writing all my life, it feels so surreal to be acknowledged for it! I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self who was just learning — they’d be so proud. This amazing opportunity will help me to further my studies and pursue options to further my writing career.’

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