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Peter Armstrong

  • Time to Write, 2005
Peter Armstrong

Working in the NHS as a nurse, therapist, supervisor & educator both informed and competed with Peter’s work as a poet; when push came to shove it tended to win the competition.

The Time to Write award enabled him to take extended leave from that work, first in a friend’s house in Donegal, and then starting to walk to Camino route to Santiago de Compostela. The first part of that break got him started on the poems that made up the core of his collection, The Book of Ogham, and the overall experience, though he didn’t realise it a the time, started a process that led to his semi retirement from clinical work in order to concentrate on writing. At the time he thought the break was a luxury; now he has realised that it was a personal necessity and is immensely grateful for the opportunity it gave him.

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