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Nefeli Frida

  • Matthew Hale Award (Winner), 2022
Nefeli Frida

Nefeli is a student and avid reader from South Yorkshire. She was born in Cyprus, and she moved to the UK when she was 9. She loves reading and writing and has written articles and reviews for her school’s magazine and newsletter. Nefeli is part of the South Yorkshire HIVE group and has had a short fiction piece published in a ‘Truth to Power’ Young Writers’ anthology. She’s partaken in multiple of her school’s opportunities, including a six week program created by the Children’s Capital of Culture Organisation, and hopes to continue to have literature and art be a part of her life in the future.

I was really pleased to receive this award and am really excited to see where this opportunity will take me. This, along with the support of my English teacher have really boosted my self-esteem as a writer, and I hope that this will be shown in my future writing pieces.

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