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Maureen Almond

  • Time to Write, 2003
Maureen Almond

Since she began writing poetry in 1992, Maureen Almond has published Hot (1997), Tailor Tacks (1999), Oyster Baby (2002), The Works (2004) and Tongues in Trees (2005). She has a strong interest in classical literature and is currently a research student at the University of Newcastle concentrating on the Roman poet, Horace. Her work is included in the Primary Texts Reading List for the Oxford University Course, The Reception of Classical Literature in Twentieth-Century Poetry in English and has been cited in The Cambridge Companion to Horace (2007). She recently recorded a programme about Horace for BBC Radio 3 as part of a series dealing with his poetry. She is also a contributor in the forthcoming OUP Living Classics: Greece and Rome in Contemporary Poetry in English.

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