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Julie Noble

  • TLC Free Read, 2019
Julie Noble

Julie Noble is a working-class writer who lives in North-East Yorkshire with her two youngest children- the three older ones have homes of their own. She is one of Kit De Waal’s ‘Common People’, a Moniack Mhor Two Roads recipient and Penguin WriteNow longlisted. Her short fiction has won short story competitions including the Writing Magazine Jane Austen Alternative Ending competition in 2017 and She Magazine (2010). A participant in the New Writing North Working Class Writer Development Programme, Julie is editing her novel Venice Calling and also planning the next book. Inspired by the Significant Ink Course in Middlesbrough in 2016, she has also written a stage play, a TV script and an audio play. Julie’s writing has appeared in Mslexia several times and in various collections over the years. She enjoys encouraging others to write, especially those challenged by dyslexia, which her eldest son has had to battle with. Talli’s Secret, a YA book self-published in 2004, reflects these challenges. It was written to highlight issues of dyspraxia and dyslexia in the classroom.

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