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Jessie Jacobs

  • TLC Free Read Award, 2022
Jessie Jacobs

Jessie Joe Jacobs is a social entrepreneur, charity leader and political campaigner from the North East of England. She is a debut author and has a short story published in Crossing the Tees and the Newark Literary Journal.

Jessie completed a creative writing course at the University of Durham, Inkapture, and was a previous winner of the Writers Block North East mentoring programme.

She has written articles for news platforms including The Guardian and The New Statesman. Her writing journey began some years ago after working with marginalised young people in a charity she founded, A Way Out. She wanted to create worlds and stories that people from working class and BAME backgrounds could identify with and find inspiration and hope from. Her writing intertwines issues of race and class with magic and adventure.


‘I was quite emotional when I got the news about the award. I began writing The New Queen during lockdown when the Black Lives Matter movement had just begun. I wanted to explore issues of power, privilege and race but in a way that would connect with everyday young people and that what started as hobby has now become a passion I am excited to develop.’

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