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Jessica de Beer

  • Matthew Hale Award, 2020
Jessica de Beer

Jess de Beer has been interested in creative writing since she was very young. She would tend to daydream and lose focus often as a child as her mind created different imaginative storylines!

Eventually she began to write her thoughts down on paper, filling any paper she could find with short stories and random ideas that popped into her mind. She remembers purchasing a book called ‘100 Short Stories’ to write about – it didn’t take her long to complete the book and recognise her love of writing and her desire to improve.

Jess struggled with school for many different reasons. She found herself unable to focus in most of her lessons, all but one…English! She loved English so much and has always had an amazing relationship with her English teachers. An example of this is her recent English teacher at South Tyneside College who nominated her for this award.

Jess found a passion for reading very young and still adores reading to this day; she credits a lot of her writing skill and vocabulary to the excellent writers whose books she has read.


“I am so honoured to receive such an amazing award. I never thought my writing would be good enough to give me such a wonderful opportunity and this award has truly lifted my confidence as well as opening so many doors for me.”

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