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Gregory Kearns

  • Northern Debut Awards for Poetry, 2022
Gregory Kearns

Gregory Kearns is a poet based in Liverpool who has been published in Introduction X: The Poetry Business Book of New Poets, Bath Magg and Ink, Sweat and Tears. He has worked on projects with organisations like English Heritage, Tmesis Theatre, No Dice Collective and is on the board of directors at The Writing Squad.

Gregory is currently working on his debut collection which will be about grief, masculinity and most importantly otters.


‘When looking at previous winners, it is like looking at the pantheon of exceptional writers in the North. To know I’m being added to the catalogue of winners is surreal and incredibly validating. My submission represents many years of hard work and as a dyslexic writer it’s great to know that, not only does someone else understand my poems, but that somewhere as prestigious as the Northern Writers’ Awards think my work is worth supporting.’

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