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Sarah Dunnakey

  • Arvon Award, 2019
Sarah Dunnakey

Sarah Dunnakey is a short story writer and novelist. Her debut novel The Companion was published by Orion in 2017. She won a Northern Writers’ Award in 2014 and The Companion was a Read Regional book for 2018. She has had short fiction published in anthologies and magazines and her story ‘The Marzipan Husband’, was broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

After brief stints as a college librarian, an education officer and an NHS researcher, Sarah landed her dream job as a Question Researcher on Mastermind. She now writes and verifies the questions for several TV shows including University Challenge and Pointless. Her work, especially researching the Specialist Subjects on Mastermind, has been a rich source of ideas for her writing.

Sarah is originally from Teesside but now lives in West Yorkshire.

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