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Mark Magrs

  • Northern Promise Award, 2008
Mark Magrs

Mark Magrs was born in County Durham in 1973. Mark is the author of various fiction and non-fiction books. He has also written audio dramas and poetry. He has worked as a copywriter, radio producer and secondary school teacher. Following an assault by a pupil, Mark suffered a sustained period of poor mental health and has been unable to resume his teaching career. Some of Mark’s battles with mental illness are covered in his non-fiction work Too Much Information. His work as a teacher inspired the fictional work Looking for Atlantis, which deals with the problems of a teenager caring for a terminally ill adult. He is currently working on a comic novel, Big Gay Brother, and hopes to publish a short collection of poetry, Attack of the 50 Foot Panic Attack. Mark now lives in South Shields with his wife, son and a constantly shifting population of cats.

Selected publications
Too Much Information (Chipmunka, 2008)
Looking for Atlantis (Chipmunka, 2009)
Iris Wildthyme and the Panda Invasion (Big Finish Audio Production, 2009)

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