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Karen Powell

  • The Literary Consultancy New Fiction Reads, 2017
Karen Powell

Karen left school at 16 and worked in aimless fashion for a number of years before getting herself together enough to take A levels at evening classes. She was then lucky enough to gain a place to read English at Lucy Cavendish College, the only all-female college for mature students at Cambridge University, and life improved exponentially.

Karen has always written in one form or another, but did not attempt a novel until she was in her thirties and at home looking after her young daughter. This first novel, Catching the Light, was followed by another contemporary women’s fiction title, If Susie said Jump. She then changed tack and attempted a historical fiction novel set in Ancient Rome, a period and city which particularly interest her. The research for the The Will of Augustus was sound but, despite many edits, the novel didn’t quite work in the end. Her most recent novel The River, marks a fresh start and a return to the modern world, although the framework of the story refers back to the plot of Hamlet.
Karen lives in York with her family. She works at York Minster.

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