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Jayshree Patel

  • Channel 4/Northumbria University Writing for Television Awards – serial drama, 2016
Jayshree Patel

Having worked in education for all her working life, Jayshree started to yearn for exploring her creativity through other means and joined an established script-writing group last year. She aims to embrace the joy of mixing cultures. As a British-born Indian woman, she felt she had to play a small part in the creation of a unified society that shares common values and in particular has an ability to laugh. Growing up in 70s Liverpool, as part of the only Asian family in a two-mile radius, she spent her time playing on the streets and watching TV. She strongly believes that through drama and comedy there is a real opportunity to present a vision of life that embraces all walks of society. She has many stories to tell for both adults and children, all of which embrace love, laughter and the joy of living. She is new to writing, and very much developing, but finds it a joy to be able to tell stories that perhaps somebody may want to hear.

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