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Eloise Unerman

  • Cuckoo Young Writers Award, 2017
Eloise Unerman

Eloise Unerman, aged 17 from Rotherham, was the winner of the Cuckoo Young Writers Award 2017 for her selection of poetry.

Eloise is an ambitious young writer who has already published a poetry anthology! She has her own blog and regularly writes for her school newspaper as well as attending Rotherham Young Writers.

Eloise says “I write about anything that sparks me, from personal stories to things in the real world that have stayed with me. I like glimpses of real life, how people move through the world, and what home means to them (I think there’s beauty in unexpected places).??I feel poetry allows me to put my finger on something I wouldn’t be able to express otherwise. I get a feeling of being full when something I write is ‘there’, like at the end of a poem.”

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