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Edward Baker

  • Children's And Young Adult Fiction, 2018
Edward Baker

Edward Baker started his working life on a maggot farm and it was all downhill from there. Inspired by a remarkable drama teacher, he put pen to paper, in days when such existed and wrote a screenplay with a cast of thousands – mainly insects about said events – which won a development grant, and a C4 pilot that almost got the green light. But after that it was rejection after rejection and it seemed that what was good enough for him wasn’t that good at all. Now, officially a geriatric, he was on the verge of giving up, when his artist wife of forever and before, gently encouraged him to get out there again. (Probably on the basis that some other unfortunate should have to endure the interminable sagas, ideas and concepts as well.)

The winning of a Northern Writers’ Award is thus less a discovery than an archaeological dig. Whether or not the world should be grateful or appalled remains to be seen…


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