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Deborah Finn

  • Andrea Badenoch Prize for Fiction, 2014
Deborah Finn

Deborah grew up in Merseyside, reciting rosaries and laughing scornfully at the notion of a Big Bang. Then she read books and realised there was a different world out there, and she meandered about, as south as Brighton, as far as Turin, as north as Glasgow. She didn’t like being landlocked in Sheffield, but she did like living on the sheep farm in Renfrewshire and by the estuary in Topsham. Amongst other things, she has worked as an EFL teacher, a barmaid, a fish and chip shop assistant, a commercial artist, and latterly as a psychologist. She enjoys psychological suspense, and is currently at the rewrite stage with her first novel, an excerpt of which won the Andrea Badenoch Award.

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