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Clare Bell

  • Childrens’ And Young Adult Fiction, 2017
Clare Bell

Clare Bell likes taking long walks through places that tell her stories. She lives in Cheshire but loves to return to her roots in South Yorkshire as subject matter for her writing. Clare’s inspiration and love of story comes from her grandma who had many adventures but who, when Clare first knew her, worked in a dusty, old, awe-inspiring library hidden away in tiny mining village. Working as a primary teacher specialising in literacy and text-based learning, Clare has led literacy in many schools and worked with literacy consultants on a range of different projects. Clare has a degree in English Language and Literature from King’s College London. She was short-listed for the Northern Writers’ Awards for children’s fiction and has previously been long-listed for the National Literacy Trust New Children’s Author Prize. Clare’s literary heroes are the children in her class.

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