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Claire Lewis

  • Northern Promise Award, 2008
Claire Lewis

Claire Lewis received a Northern Promise Award in 2008 after submitting a novel called The Dinosaur Room. She’d written this while studying creative writing and film studies at the now non-existent Cumbria Institute of the Arts in Carlisle. She then went on to train as a journalist at Darlington college. New Writing North provided some much appreciated feedback and support while she developed a new novel, A Sick Work of Art. The opening chapter of this featured in New Writing North’s anthology, Ten Years On, and was published by an independent publisher in 2009. Since then, Claire has married a Royal Marine, moved with him to a military base in North Devon and has had a baby; so the writing career has slowed down a bit lately. But she recently won a free read from The Literary Consultancy after submitting an extract from a new novel she is working on, and she is hoping to finish that novel and find a publisher for it in the next year.

Selected work
A Sick Work of Art (Wild Wolf, 2009)

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