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Carmen Marcus

  • Northern Promise Award, 2012
Carmen Marcus

Carmen never knows what to say in these biog things, she could tell you about her most recent training experience which improved her ability to file. But instead she thought you might like to know that she writes because she puked black sick after her First Holy Communion; that her Dad pulled a stuck sea-gull out of a chimney – it bit him and her mother liked to tell her about Padre Pio’s visions of demons and the stigmata as proof of god’s love.

Carmen Davis studied English at St Andrews and her career has ranged from teaching English to stimulating innovation. She is interested in the ways in which human creativity is discovered, nurtured and embodied – and how places and people can shape this process. She grew up in a place where stories were passed from hand to mouth, scarce, sacred and alive. Her novel, How Saints Die, is for adults who need to remember the resilience of children. Set in 1987 in an abandoned Northern seaside town, the novel takes the reader into ten-year-old Ellie’s misfit world of drowning crabs, seaworthy lies and beyond to the ‘in-between’ place where her mother was taken.

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