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Barrie Darke

  • Northern Promise Award, 2002
Barrie Darke

Barrie Darke has written steadily since winning a Northern Promise Award in 2002. Theatre took up most of the first few years. He worked with Live Theatre on their 30th anniversary production, Cap-a-Pie, and also a few BBC co-productions. But prose was always the main thing, especially the novel (or The Novel). While working on the next novel – he’s always working on the next novel – he also sends short stories to every webzine, anthology and publication he can find. This gathers in a lot of rejections, but also a fair few acceptances over the years: more than 25 and counting, anyway, which is just about enough to keep the confidence going. He also teaches creative writing, in more than one venue, on more than one evening a week.

Selected works
Mr Forest’s Second Nature (New Writing North/Live Theatre, 2007)
The Getalong Gang (Pseudopod, 2009)
Gadarene Rush (Scissors and Spackle, 2011)
Church of the Strangers (in the Drunk Monkeys e-book, 2012)

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