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Alex Clarke

  • Northumbria University/Channel 4 Writing for Television Awards, 2017
Alex Clarke

Alex writes comedy and drama for stage and screen. Growing up as a mostly non-verbal child in East Manchester, Alex found her voice writing stories. Her first, ‘The Furry Little Pink Thing’, earned her a whopping twelve gold stars at primary school. This small glittering achievement was the only encouragement she needed to move onto live performance, and thus the ‘doll’s world shows’ were born, to entertain the lively and often violently critical two-sister audience. Little has changed. Five stage plays and a book later, and Alex is still creating surreal worlds for monsters, real and imagined, to inhabit. Now, she is directing her creativity back towards her first love, TV, with her magical realist script Below, which explores how a young girl escapes her abuser by slipping into a world of make-believe, magic, and Goddesses of her own design.

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