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Jodie Russian-Red

  • Sid Chaplin Award, 2020
Jodie Russian-Red

Jodie Russian-Red is a Hull-born writer, poet and artist. She has presented spoken-word shows and word-based art installation at Attenborough Arts Centre, Nottingham Poetry Festival, The Adelphi, Rough Trade, The Collection (Lincoln) and the occasional work’s staff room kitchen Christmas ‘do’.

In 2019 she was published in Kit de Waal’s Common People: An Anthology of Working-Class Writers. Most recently she was the guest poet at Hull Central Library for ‘Women of Words’ in March 2020.

After spending 2019 working with Jarvis Cocker on BE KINDER, a National Trust art project commemorating the Kinder Mass Trespass, she is now working on a collection of short stories about suburban working-class culture, allotments, karaoke competitions and all-inclusive holidays in Tenerife.

She is currently Artist-in-Residence at Durham University.


“It means so much to me to win an award that is founded on Northern working-class writing in the 1960s, a world of stories and characters I love more than any other and which makes up the majority of my bookshelf and my late-night drunken pub talk! I can’t pretend that I’m not mainly obsessed with winning some ready cash – but as a working-class person, I also have this obsession with feeling like I need to earn it, by working at it and writing more – so I’m excited on both counts!”

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